Elections and AGM 2017 Information

Elections for the academic year 2017/18 comittee will be held between the 25th September and 1st October 2017.

All members of X-Posure are welcome to nominate themselves for a committee position. As per MSRC guidelines only those who have been a member for a year may take an executive position (shown in bold), unless there is no interest at which time the positions will be opened to new members too.

The positions available are:

    1st Year rep
    2nd Year rep
    3rd Year rep
    4th Year rep
    5th Year rep
    Intercalation Year rep

Anyone interested in running for a position must email xposureleeds@outlook.com before the 24th September, and include their name, year group and a brief (max 200 word) manifesto statement on why they should be elected.

Members will be able to access the manifestos provided and vote online between the dates above. You can become a member of X-Posure at the freshers fair on Wednesday 20th September, or by contacting us via email.

Lifetime membership costs: £4